Can Cremated Remains Be Shipped?
5 min readMar 14, 2022

Many people wonder how to handle long-distance funeral arrangements, and specifically, if cremated remains can be shipped.

We are not always near our loved ones when they pass away. Families today scatter to every corner of the earth. It’s’ our freedom to travel, to seek careers, and come back together for the holidays that make families both interesting and strong. But what happens when someone you love needs funeral services far from where you’ve built your life?

Because this isn’t the movies, it’s not always possible to just catch a flight and make the arrangements. Your relative may have prepaid for cremation services or expressed their desire for cremation, but then what? Can you have their ashes shipped to you? If so, is that normal? How much will it cost? If you’re not sure how to move forward in this difficult time, far away from the funerary services of someone you love, you’re not alone. Many people wonder how to handle long-distance funeral arrangements — and how to receive a loved one’s ashes.

Don’t worry. The answer is yes, you can have them mailed and yes, it’s really very common to have ashes mailed to you. You can’t always be there when those you love pass away. But you can have their ashes with you soon.

Can Cremated Remains be Shipped?

Yes, cremated remains can be shipped, but only with the USPS. You can receive or ship human cremated remains through USPS PriorityMail Express.‍

What is the Process for Shipping Cremated Remains?

As mentioned, cremated ashes can only be shipped through the USPS. The government postal service has the license and oversight to safely ship human remains. The process doesn’t have to be complicated, but USPS also provides a Cremated Remains Kit in case that is necessary — and is assured to be approved for shipment.

If shipping cremated remains yourself, you will need a sealed container protected from breakage, a sturdy box, and six 139 labels. Ashes can then travel as PriorityMail Express, or Priority Mail Express International. You do not need the Cremated Remain Kit, but you do need the 139 labels on every side of the box. This lets USPS handlers know to handle your loved one with care.

It is possible to pick up the kit or just the labels from any local USPS post office or ordered from‍

Pros and Cons of Having Cremated Ashes Shipped to You

When considering your options for retrieving your loved one’s ashes, what are the pros and cons of having those ashes delivered to you through the mail?


  • Avoid additional interruption and loss in your life
  • The USPS offers reliable package care and tracking
  • Receive your loved one’s ashes faster than travel can be arranged
  • It may align with your loved one’s stated plans.

If you don’t have the time or funds for travel, receiving your loved one’s ashes in the mail is the most reliable and lossless way to take care of their final arrangements and bring their cremated remains into your custody. You don’t have to lose time or overpay during this already tragic time. The USPS is also a reliable carrier with point-to-point package tracking. In many cases, Priority mail can get your loved one back to you faster than you can make time to book a flight to pick them up. In some cases, your loved one may have even taken care of everything themselves and their last wishes include cremation and shipping to come home.


  • Concern over the ashes while they are in transit
  • Risk of package damage if not properly secured
  • Meeting the delivery when it arrives.

You may also have some real concerns about having your loved one’s remains shipped to you through the mail. This is also very normal and each concern is worth considering for a possible solution. However, proper preparation and protection of the package can ensure that even a little dented cardboard can’t possibly put your loved one’s remains at risk.

You can also sign up for package tracking to let you know each time your package is scanned, which is usually between once and three times a day so you won’t have to wonder where they are. Finally, you can schedule the package delivery or track it’s arrival date so you’ll be available when it arrives.

Shipping Cremated Remains Happens Every Day

Every family faces challenges when a loved one dies. With so many families scattered across states and countries, sending a loved one home after cremation often requires shipping. If a loved one dies in another country, often there are no family members able to jet-set to get them — across the world or across the country.

The ability to receive your loved one in the mail is a blessing for many who just want to see their family member come home safely, even if no one is available to retrieve their remains from the place where their death and cremation took place. This is a normal process and, in fact, it’s essential to reunite families. is here to make getting your loved ones home as easy and comforting as possible. That’s why we provide nationwide certified delivery for the families we serve.‍

Taking Care of Your Loved One with’s mission is to provide affordable cremation services for grieving families. Your loved ones are in good hands, whether they preplanned their cremation arrangements or you are currently looking for the right way to get your loved one home. In addition to direct cremation, we provide tracked USPS Priority shipping for your loved one’s ashes as part of our Care Plus package.

If you need to bring your loved one home, is here to help. We know that you’re going through a difficult time and need assurance that your loved one will be taken care of by people who care. We’ll make sure your loved one’s cremated remains are carefully packaged and shipped to you with tracking so you can follow their passage home every step of the way. If you need cremation and shipment services, contact us today.


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